The Symbolism of Lapel Pins and Badges


Law enforcement badges and lapel pins are used by police officers, medical officers, and fire department officers. They show their affiliation with a particular organization and a person’s honors within the stated organization. Lapel pins not only reveal the organizational affiliation of an individual, but they are also a measure of accountability and respect. The public believes that any police officers or EMS providers with a badge or lapel pin should be willing to serve and protect the community.

The process of making lapel pins is thought to have originated in Egypt in 1800 B.C. However, it was only the process as there has been no evidence showing they ever made any lapel pins. Today the lapel pin manufacturing process has evolved immensely, and many techniques are now used to make them.

Other than indicating position, there are several other reasons officers use lapel pins. We are going to look at some of these reasons below.

1. They Indicate Pride in the Service

Police officers display their badge patches or lapel pins to indicate pride in their work and commitment to the service. For officers of the law with rank, their lapel pins show how hardworking they are and their sacrifices for the community.

Lapel pins and badges are made of heavy-duty metal so that they do not fall apart easily. Firefighters, EMS, and police officers even go the extra mile to have them customized just to preserve the honor and dignity of the badge. Taking care of their custom badge patch and lapel pins is part of showing pride in their work.

2. Signify Trust

Whether it’s an emergency service provider, a police officer, or a firefighter having the badge allows people to trust you. People will have hope and expect a positive outcome once they see the lapel pin. People feel safe in the hands of such people, and can relax and easily share their problems.

Officers wearing lapel pins also help relieve worry and doubt, especially in stressful situations. A person may be worried about your identity but after seeing the badge, become less anxious. As a civilian, you have a right to ask officers to show their badge to clear any doubts.

3. They Indicate a Willingness to Sacrifice

Most police officers and firefighters understand the professional risks that come with their jobs. They are responsible for all their actions and any problems that occur under their watch. A lapel pin, therefore, plays the role of portraying this. It symbolizes their willingness and sacrifices they are willing to take for their community and partners.

4. It Is a Form of Motivation

Lapel pins and badge patches motivate the wearer and others that work within the ranks to work harder. It encourages other junior officers to work towards achieving the same status. It motivates the wearer by reminding them why they joined the force and their commitment to serve others whenever they are in doubt. A lapel pin also reminds them of the good they are doing for their families and the community they serve and protect.

Get Your Team Custom Pins

A lapel pin or badge symbolizes all of the above and a lot more. Police officers, firefighters, and EMS providers should ensure they always have a lapel pin on them, especially during these uncertain times brought about by COVID-19. It allows civilians to trust them. Visit the Emblem Authority to get custom made pins and badges.