How Do I Choose the Right Shape for My Custom Patch?

Custom patches are ideal accessories, gifts, and extra identifiers for professionals in some of the most dangerous jobs. Stakeholders in charge of firefighters, policemen, and EMTs may want to have custom ones made for gifts, keepsakes, or to show support. Read on for tips on choosing the right shape for your custom patch.


Over 17,985 American police agencies exist in the form of city police departments, county sheriff’s offices, state police/highway patrol, and federal law enforcement agencies, according to the Bureau of Justice Statistics. If one of these law enforcement agencies gets a custom patch, the design should match their occupation as much as possible. In other words, the custom patch should be in the shape of a badge or shield.


Consider how big or small the custom patch will be. In most cases, if you have a more complex shape, it’s easier for smaller patches, such as those on keychains. Larger patches work best when in a circular or rectangular shape.


How many custom patches do you need to have made? The more complex the shape, the more expensive the final project is. Keeping the shape as simple as possible with a square, rectangle, or circle can lower the final cost. If you’re eager to have badges in more complex shapes, you may want to wait to have them produced in a smaller batch.


Will the custom badge be on a key chain? Is it a custom badge that will be sewn into a hat or article of clothing? On something such as a hat, circular patches tend to work best, as they’re more practical and easier to apply. However, a key chain can provide more leeway when it comes to having intricate shapes like stars due to its small size and use. Once a key chain is made, you don’t have to sew or adhere it to anything, such as a piece of clothing.

Now you understand the considerations when deciding the ideal shape for a custom patch. Consider how you’ll be using the patch, the budget for your project, its overall use, and its design. If there’s a group of firefighters, police officers, EMT workers, or other enforcement agencies you want to support, contact The Emblem Authority today so we can get started on those custom patches.