What Is the Process of Creating a Custom Patch?

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A custom patch can give a uniform or any other article of clothing a greater sense of professionalism and a more distinguished identity. Custom police patches and similar items designed for other pieces of clothing can be the finishing flourishes that complete an ensemble. Are you looking to come up with your own set of personalized patches? If so, the tips in this article should prove helpful. Keep them in mind so you can create the best products!

Create a Workable Patch Design

The first step in creating a custom patch is developing a design. This part of the process is easier said than done because many people tend to go overboard with their ideas. They come up with these wildly creative ideas that sound and look good, but they may not translate to a custom patch.

According to True List, you should limit yourself to using two colors when designing a logo. You want to hover around that color range for custom patches so the patterns remain highly visible. When it comes to size, you should choose a design that makes sense for the patch’s intended scale. Avoid including overly intricate details that may not be distinguishable in the final product.

Sketch a Rough Draft of Your Patch Design

Now that you have a design in mind for your custom patch, the next step is putting your idea down on paper. You can do that by providing a rough draft of your patch design. Sketch the design on paper and send it to the patch makers. Coordinating with the patch makers is also recommended if you’re having difficulty sketching or refining the designs for your custom police patches and other creations.

Evaluate the Digitized Patch Design

Once your base patch design is ready, you can send it to the patch makers for digitization. At this point, you can just wait for the patch makers to finalize the digital design. They will present the design to you for approval, and you can either give the green light for production or request changes.

Inspect the Custom Patch

With all the previous steps completed, your custom police patches should be ready for manufacturing and distribution. Inspect the final product first to confirm that it aligns with your vision. The patch makers can finish production after that inspection.

Custom patches can make uniforms and other articles of clothing more unique and identifiable. Create the best custom patches by following the steps we detailed here. Work with us at The Emblem Authority and secure high-quality patches for various applications!